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It can be hard selecting the right birth control when you’re trying to prevent pregnancy, but the friendly and experienced team at MyDoc Women's Health Specialists and OBGYN can help. The all-female team understands the factors that come into play when selecting the birth control and offer birth control counseling at their Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida, locations to make it easier. For help finding the contraception that matches your personal needs and lifestyle, call or schedule an appointment online.

Birth Control Q & A

What is birth control?

Birth control or contraceptives are used to prevent pregnancy. There’s a wide variety of birth controls available that offer many different advantages. Some work better at protecting you against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), while others are more effective against pregnancy.

There are also short-term, long-term, and permanent forms of birth control options available.

How does birth control work?

Contraceptives work in various ways depending on the type you select.

  • Hormones: In some cases, hormones prevent your ovaries from releasing eggs. They can also be used to thicken your cervical mucus or thin your uterine lining. This approach keeps sperm from reaching your egg.
  • Barriers: Other types of birth control create a barrier to prevent sperm from reaching your egg. Common birth controls that take this approach include male and female condoms, cervical caps, and diaphragms. Sometimes spermicides are also used to kill the sperm.
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs): This method of long-term birth control involves a tiny, T-shaped plastic device placed in your uterus. There are several types of IUDs; some have low levels of hormones, and others don’t. They prevent sperm from reaching your egg.
  • Cycle tracking: Natural forms of birth control include tracking your menstrual cycle to determine peak risks of pregnancy and then avoiding sexual activity during those times.
  • Sterilization: Permanent forms of birth control in women prevent sperm from reaching the uterus by blocking or severing the Fallopian tubes.

What types of birth control are available?

The experienced team at MyDoc Women's Health Specialists offer a variety of birth control options, including:

  • Oral contraceptives
  • Implant (Implanon®)
  • IUD (intrauterine device)
  • Injection (Depo-Provera®)
  • Diaphragm or cervical cap
  • Surgical sterilization (tubal ligation or Essure®)

How do I pick the right birth control?

Each birth control comes with its advantages and side effects, so your team member works closely with you to pick the best option.

During your appointment, she performs a full medical examination to evaluate your overall health. She also discusses your desires regarding pregnancy in the future as well as your sexual activity.

Factors to consider when choosing your birth control include:

  • Side effects
  • Protection against STDs
  • Convenience and affordability
  • Short-term or long-term protection
  • Whether the birth control is reversible

To learn more about birth control, call MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists, or schedule an appointment online today.