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Women don’t talk about it, but having children and getting older can affect vaginal health. If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness or laxity, the all-female team at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida, offer nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVa® to improve vaginal health. For more information or to start treatment, call today, or schedule an appointment online.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a medical procedure aimed at improving the health of your vaginal tissue. The team at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists provide nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation using ThermiVa.

Am I a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation?

You may be a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation if you’re experiencing:

  • Vaginal laxity or looseness
  • Vaginal dryness, burning, or pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Loss of vaginal lubrication

Both pre- and post-menopausal women benefit from vaginal rejuvenation. After bearing children, many women experience vaginal laxity due to the stretching of vaginal tissue, which can decrease sexual pleasure.

As you get old, hormonal changes lead to vaginal dryness and discomfort, which may also affect sexual desire and your intimate relationship.

Vaginal rejuvenation may help improve these conditions and bring the romance back to your bedroom.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a device that uses radiofrequency energy to help restore vaginal tissue to reduce laxity and improve lubrication and elasticity. It’s a safe procedure that causes little to no discomfort.

How does ThermiVa work?

The radiofrequency energy from ThermiVa heats up your vaginal tissue, causing the collagen fibrils, the protein that makes your vaginal tissue firm and pliable, to break down and then contract, to help tighten the muscle. The energy also slightly injures your tissue, stimulating the production of new collagen to rejuvenate your vagina and restore health.

Though treatment with ThermiVa is painless, you may experience some vaginal discharge for a few days after treatment. But there’s no downtime so that you can go right back to your usual activities immediately following treatment. However, the team at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists recommend you refrain from inserting anything in your vagina for three to four days after treatment while the tissue heals.

For best results, you may need a series of treatments. The female team at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialist will discuss treatment and develop a personalized plan based on your health needs.

How long will it take to see results from vaginal rejuvenation?

It may take a month for you to benefit from vaginal rejuvenation treatment with ThermiVa fully, but you should start to see an improvement in tone and discomfort shortly after treatment.

For more information about vaginal rejuvenation or to start treatment, call the office, or book an appointment online today.