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Vaginal discharge keeps your vulvovaginal tissues healthy, but it can also indicate that something’s wrong. At MyDoc Women's Health Specialists, the all-female team offers friendly and compassionate services to address all of your gynecological needs at their Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida, locations. If you’re experiencing changes in your vaginal discharge or have questions about this condition, call MyDoc Women's Health Specialists, or schedule an appointment online.

Vaginal Discharge Q & A

What is vaginal discharge?

Your body sheds fluids, bacteria, and cells through vaginal discharge. This fluid or mucus comes from the vagina and is most common in menstruating women. After menopause, vaginal discharge typically decreases due to lower estrogen production.

Vaginal discharge protects your body from vaginal and urinary tract infections and keeps your vulvovaginal tissues lubricated. It varies in quantity, color, and consistency during your menstrual cycle, but usually ranges whitish and sticky to clear and watery. Healthy discharge often has a mild odor and can leave a yellowish tint on your underwear.

Abnormal vaginal discharge can indicate health issues.

What is abnormal vaginal discharge?

Abnormal discharge is often foul-smelling and blood-tinged, foamy, thick, or greenish. Additional symptoms can include:

  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Painful urination or sexual intercourse
  • Irritation, swelling, itching, or burning of the labia, vulva, or vaginal opening

Your vaginal discharge can change depending on several factors, including your menstrual cycle, hormones, pregnancy, and infections. It’s important to discuss any changes you observe with your provider at MyDoc Women's Health Specialists can provide additional details.

What causes abnormal vaginal discharge?

Abnormal vaginal discharge can occur for several reasons, including:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Yeast or vaginitis (bacterial infections)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Vaginal changes like atrophic vaginitis
  • Response to foreign bodies like forgotten tampons
  • Reactions to substances like soaps or spermicides

In some cases, abnormal vaginal discharge is due to cervical or vaginal cancer.

To determine the cause of your abnormal discharge, your provider at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists performs a comprehensive physical examination and discusses your personal and medical history. It’s also common to test a sample of your discharge to screen for infections or measure its pH.

How is abnormal vaginal discharge treated?

Abnormal discharge treatments depend on their cause. Yeast infections typically require antifungal medications that come in creams or pills. Your provider usually prescribes antibiotics for bacterial infections or STDs.

You can reduce your risk of developing abnormal vaginal discharge by:

  • Avoiding douches and bubble baths
  • Using unscented soaps and toilet paper
  • Wearing cotton underwear and avoiding thongs

For more information on vaginal discharge, call MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists, or schedule an appointment online today.